Friday is for Fearlessness

Every day this week we are exploring one benefit of yoga for children. Join the Tell Us Why campaign and share your views on how yoga helps children.

When was the last time you did a handstand or looked at the world upside? For children nothing is more fun than mastering a handstand. My kids fearlessly climb on me in my yoga practice and love to do crazy acro yoga stunts together. They fall over - they get straight back up. Then sometime around tweens and teens the fear of what might happen starts to kick in. Children are born fearless and as parents we create boundaries to protect them, but sometimes those fears can hold them back. ‘I can’t’ is a banned word in my yoga classes. By practising yoga, children learn their own physical boundaries in balance, co-ordination and strength. In yoga children learn to say ‘I can.’  

Back bends like wheel and bridge literally open your heart, standing on your head improves the flow of oxygen to your brain and helps you sleep better, downward dog strengthens your arms and legs, Tree pose helps your balance and spatial awareness, deep breathing helps you feel calm. Combined, all these things help children feel strong and fearless in their bodies and minds. Yogi kids will take on the world….