Monday is for Mindfulness

Every day this week we are exploring one benefit of yoga for children. Join the Tell Us Why campaign and share your views on how yoga helps children.

'You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf' Jon Kabat Zinn

Actual surfing requires access to the sea, the right kind of waves and some skill. Mindfulness can be done anytime, anywhere with no special knowledge or skill. All you need to start is 2 things - awareness of your thoughts and your breath.

It is hard to picture either thoughts or breath - which is why Surfing Breath is a Mindful technique that helps children understand the link between how you feel and how you breathe. Big deep breaths will carry you far like riding a clean wave while short explosive breaths can cause an emotional crash like being tossed in the surf.

Surfing Breath

Further Info:

Research on mindfulness in schools at University of Leeds