Tuesday Teaches Discipline

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Is yoga about music, dancing and animal poses or is about self-discipline?  Or can it be both? In Baltimore a school introduced yoga for disruptive children because the Mindful Moment Room was more successful in helping them become calm than traditional detention. The reality is that yoga teaches children how to be still, breathe deeply and listen so that they can observe everything around them. It helps children find a state of natural mindfulness.

This requires self-discipline and anyone who has ever taught a yoga class to kids will know that sitting still and being quiet often doesn’t come naturally to children. In the ancient Yoga Sutras the discipline and commitment necessary to avoid distractions is called Tapas. When you practice yoga with children you walk the tightrope between discipline and fun - harnessing their often awe-inspiring enthusiasm and curiosity to create skills in focused effort and emotional resilience that will become a skill for life. 

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