Thursday Thrive with Confidence

Every day this week we are exploring one benefit of yoga for children. Join the Tell Us Why campaign and share your views on how yoga helps children.

Everyone can excel at yoga! By the age of eight children are more aware of themselves as unique individuals with a set of special talents and skills - they know what they are good at and what they like doing. Often they also know what they are not good at. Its at this age when children start to decide whether they are sporty, or good at maths or bad at reading or creative in art. Just when the world is opening up, self-esteem issues and anxiety can start to close doors. Yoga keeps those doors open. 

Children who practice yoga learn an important life skill - no matter what your ability or your body shape you can achieve. Anxiety and body consciousness can affect children’s self-confidence at any age, but particularly tweens and teens. Yoga teaches healthy body awareness, creativity and a sense of wellbeing. I teach yoga to children with disabilities and special needs that have discovered talents and skills through yoga that they didn’t know they had. When you feel good in your own skin you know there is nothing you can’t do. 

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