Wednesday: Works on Concentration

Every day this week we are exploring one benefit of yoga for children. Join the Tell Us Why campaign and share your views on how yoga helps children.

Do you know a child with a Monkey Mind? Recognise that restless uncontrolled behaviour that stops children bringing focus and effort to what they’re doing and achieving what you know they are capable of? Busy, multi-tasking parents (i’m one of them), pressures of school targets, screen time, phones and after school activities can make it hard for children to learn the skill of concentration. Yoga teaches children how to slow down, be more aware of their breath and to notice how they feel in their bodies - all the preparation needed to concentrate on one thing.

Yoga helps children with adhd, autism or children with anxiety find a sense of quiet, peace in the moment. Yoga helps all children focus their energy to achieve and enjoy whatever they are doing. It is the antidote to fast-paced modern life.

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