Snow is a wonderful theme for Children's's a snow salutation to use in your classes:

Snow Salutation

  • Start on a snowy Mountain and reach for the clouds
  • Snow flake your hands to your feet like snow falling from the sky
  • Build a Snowman in chair pose with your palms together over your head
  • Bring your hands to your feet like falling snow
  • Step back with your right foot in a lunge ready to run in the snow
  • Step into Downward dog and run your feet like a puppy playing in snow
  • Make a sledge with plank pose
  • Sledge head first in cobra watching out for bumps
  • Run in the snow wagging your tail like a puppy
  • Step forward with your right foot
  • Back to snowman
  • Finish on top of the snowy Mountain
  • Repeat on the other side!

Namaste :)