Mindful Yoga and Meditation
for Children

Sat 24th Feb
2pm - 5pm

Effraspace Studio, Brixton, London

A professional development workshop for Yoga Teachers, Children's Yoga Teachers, Parents and School Teachers who wish to practice Mindfulness with Children. CPD certified with Yoga Alliance.

Do you know a children who struggles with anxious thoughts or has difficulty with focus or concentration? This workshop gives you the tools to work with children to help them stay int the present moment and find confidence through games, movement and meditations. 

Workshop includes:

  • Mindfulness in teaching - being a role model
  • The language of mindfulness - talking to diff age groups
  • Explaining the science - body & brain benefits
  • Mindful Asana for Children
  • Mindful Games
  • Mindful Meditations

Cost:        £35
Booking:  Contact Emma or Siobhan - info@childrensyogatree.com